By mastering one’s emotions the quality of our lives and those around us becomes deeper, richer and more meaningful.

Emotions are energy. Positive emotions facilitate a healthy energy flow throughout the body, while negative emotions counteract that and impede a healthy energy flow. To heal ourselves, and to create a lasting wellness, we need to look past the apparent physical issues and get to the real causes of our discomfort.

The subconscious mind defines everything about us. Norrestranders said the subconscious mind is 1000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. If the subconscious mind is that powerful, then how can we control it? Our trapped emotion, traumas, anxiety and unprocessed life experiences that we hold in our nervous system are the source of everything that ails us.

This is called the maladaptive stress reaction. This means is that we are unable to adapt to the present moment, the key to healing, which is here and now.  Our bodies react as if the something from the past is going on in the present, which dictates our emotional and physical response.

These trapped emotions create patterns which become increasingly hard to break as we progress through life. We become habituated.

The good news is that human beings are designed to heal quickly on a biological, chemical, and neurological level.

We can begin to do that by adhering to these four simple steps:
Seeing is about honestly and courageously looking at what is happening within us.  Seeing requires us to have time with ourselves. You might think you have to think more to figure things out. But, in fact, when we stop our thoughts, things become clearer.  In order to see, you have to clear up the unnecessary thoughts in your head. It is true that 90% of things we incessantly thinking about are the regrets of the past and worries of the future.  The study shows that most of the worries, which are about 90%, never come true. So, we are wasting a lot of our times on our thoughts. However, when we simply watch our thoughts and let go of them, we will start to see what is underneath. This is seeing.  At this stage, you don’t have to do anything, but just observe what is underneath it all.
This is the stage where you clearly pinpoint or grasp on the root of what you are struggling with.  In your own term, you identify what it is. It is about coming up with the clear terminology of the core or root of the pain/issue/trauma. It gives us a clear target what we need to work towards. When you identify the target, your brain becomes simple. Our brains like simplicity and simplicity lead to success in any tasks.
Releasing is the place where our strength and courage is required.  Even though we might See and Identify the emotions or thoughts that are not serving us well, letting go might not be an easy process.  Based on the nature of the identified emotions, there can be assignments or exercises to be customized for you to do. There are many methods in liberating these identified elements. This can be done in steps or ceremony or ceremonies. This also can be done with me at a healing and sacred site. However, the Releasing can be an instantaneous process, which happens for most people at once or series of enlightening moments.  The work can be designed to do at your own home or with me in person.
The on-going practice of ESM is important where we need our mind to incorporate what we have discovered. Mastering is the process and the practice of continuously watching and discovering about us. For this, we need daily practice of introspection and contemplation. This is a powerful process that will bring us many wisdom and growth. Here, we use the 6 Heart Virtues, which are the essential expressions of the Heart. They are Gratitude, Forgiveness, Compassion, Understanding, Humility and Courage/Valor.  We will work on each or some of the Heart Virtues to walk through the Mastership of the emotions. I suggest the Heart Virtue Meditation. Watch the Video ( I will share the video with you soon)

The Six Heart Virtues

The energetic heart is composed of six primary forms of expression: Appreciation, Compassion, Forgiveness, Humility, Understanding, and Valor. Braided together, these six behaviors constitute the essence of the energetic heart and, when expressed in our daily lives, enable it to perform its function as a portal to our inmost self or soul.

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“As you learn to manage your emotional state, your internal and external worldview begin to change.”

— Banya’s Mom

Working with Banya

My purpose is to provide the extraordinary benefits of Emotional Self Mastery to those who are interested in healing and transforming the limiting qualities that exist in all of us. That which keep us from participating in this lifetime to our fullest potential.

Once we achieve this potential, or when we begin to become “heart coherent”, the illusion of separation from all things starts to fall away, and we can then step into the extraordinary capacity of our own true nature.

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