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Let me tell you about myself, and what I have dedicated my life to. I am a Spiritual Acupuncturist and Energy Teacher who came from multi-generational intuitive Healers and  Spiritual Teachers. I am not only here to fulfill my mission, but also to continue the lineage of work in my family.

My path as a healer began when I was only 9 years old. I grew up in Korea, and my mother, who was a Traditional Oriental Medicine Practitioner and a teacher, would occasionally take me to a local Buddhist Temple. She would listen to the senior monk’s teachings while I played outside.

On one of these visits, the senior monks teaching and my physical experience merged. As I heard him speak of the timeless quality of “Oneness”, I looked around me… at the fish in the pond, the birds in the trees, listening to the wind gently blowing, and in that moment I experienced the timeless and profound connection with everything; the extraordinary truth of the non-dual. I felt the energy of that awareness travel throughout my whole body. It was the most blissful experience I have ever had. One that I can never forget, and one that I was then destined to communicate to as many people as possible.

From that point on my mother allowed me to observe and support her in her practice. I noticed that in addition to physical treatments, my mother would also discuss emotional and relationship issues with her clients. She explained to me that the cause of all physical ailments are rooted in the mind.

Later, in my own practice, this early realization led to the integration of mind and spiritual study: The study of repetitive patterns of thoughts and behaviors that affect the physical and energy body, creating blockages in the meridian system that eventually lead to more and more serious conditions.

With Emotional Self Mastery, and the resulting “Heart Coherence”, these deep issues can be addressed and healed, leading to a richer and more fulfilling life.

While working as an Acupuncturist, I have developed a deep understanding of the connection between the mind, body and spirit. My experience as a healer serves as the foundation for my work that I am doing now as a coach.  By combining my knowledge of the body’s energy systems with my experience as an energy healer, I offer a unique perspective on personal growth and transformation. 

My understanding of energy can help you cultivate a deeper mind-body connection.  This can further help you develop greater self-awareness and connect with your inner wisdom.

Furthermore, this process of work opens up to align with any reality you dream of.  Let that be Health, Happiness or Abundance, we are here to experience anything that our hearts’ desire. Through this clearing and unblocking the emotional energies, we can achieve any goal we set out to reach!

Emotional Self Mastery

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“I came to a clear internal realization that there was nothing I could do as a separated self that would ever fulfill me.”

— Barbara Marx Hubbard, Author and Futurist