Doing vs Being

October 7, 2021

Doing vs Being

I get questions every day about what people “should” do.  We spend a lot of our time thinking about what it is that we have to do and what is the “right” thing to do. Along with the questions of what we should do, we will often ask about our life’s mission. People feel very lost and sad that they are not fulfilling their mission. 

I remember when I was young wondering about what my major should be in college, and what kind of work I should do upon my graduation. I got very depressed because I did not know what I wanted to do. I spent many years trying to sort out the direction that I should go.   

As I reflect on my own life and see the same pattern emerging in others, I feel that we are all largely lost in a vast “Sea of Dos” with many choices of what to do or where to go in a particular direction.

The formula I have come to realize is that in order to “do” something, you have to “be” first.  When you hold the energy of true being, the “doing” part will come naturally.  

Try this:

Think, for just a few moments, what it would feel like to already have and do what your heart most desires. What would you “be” internally? When you find that place of being, hold that and practice creating that every moment.  If you need some assistant with this — I will help you.   

The sense of this being comes from within.  If you can create and hold that being, what you have to “do” becomes very clear.  Everything begins to flow naturally as one realizes that the internal state directly impacts your immediate surroundings/circumstances.

Do not get frustrated with yourself. If you can hold the space and energy of being even for a few minutes — you are fulfilling your mission on Earth. 

This “being” can be likened to a sense of inner connection, peace and a fundamental truth that unites us all as ultimately the same. If you can hold this, then you essentially become that energy. You are, therefore, creating a vortex of healing, love, and beauty in every direction. This is your mission and this is everyone’s mission. Then, through this authentic “beingness,” your unique “doing” comes. 

First, hold the space and energy to “Be.” 

Quiet and follow your breath. 

My world to yours,


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