Triggers: How To Identify, Cope And Manipulate Them?

June 1, 2019

I want to share this with you today that came to me many times over and I finally decided to write it down
Dear Everyone,
This insight came to me, and I felt called to share it with you. It is my sincere hope that it can assist you — wherever you are in your life. 

Whenever you get a strong reaction or emotion based on someone else’s act/behavior/words — remind yourself that you are reacting to what is already inside of you.  In some way, it has very little to do with what that person did or said. In fact, what you are actually responding to is something inside of you that you need to look into more deeply.

We are often very busy with, or even consumed by, focusing on what is outside of us. We try to change the outside situation or another person. We tend to think that our lives would be so much better if the outer circumstances were to change.  

However, it just really does not work that way!

First and foremost, look within in order to see what is reacting when you get triggered by a situation or person. Rather than immediately reacting, you can use that moment to see where the reaction is coming from inside of you. At this time, you’re able to have a deep insight into the roots behind your patterns of thought, and the causes of your actions based upon your particular line of thinking.  

Looking within helps you to feel empowered because you are taking responsibility rather than blaming someone else.  When you think that something outside of is making you feel a certain way, you inevitably either blame them or feel victimized.  At that moment, you give your power away.  You can take back your power simply by taking responsibility for how and why you react. 

In closing, and this is very important when you go within, you are starting the process of ending a karmic cycle. When we react very strongly, it is usually from unresolved karmic trauma.  Therefore, when you observe within rather than react, you are slowly ending the repetitive cycle that you have encountered for many lifetimes.

Go within and observe when someone triggers you.  It is the best time to gain an awareness that can create real and lasting soul evolution

Sending you Love~~~~


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