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November 23, 2018

Message from Banya on ESM Past Life Regression:

In the beginning of this year (2018),  the ESM Past Life Regression went into an accelerated dimension. Up to this point, the Regression has been about going into the Past Life and seeing/experiencing what has happened in order to come back with a greater understanding of current life. This is still a very important part of ESM Past Life Regression; however, something new started to happen in the session. People were going into a deeper level of consciousness and started to both access and communicate with their Higher Selves, Spirit Guides, and Spiritual Teachers directly. This led me to study the Hypnotherapy Method developed by Dolores Cannon, and I honestly have to say that this has been the most exciting aspect throughout all of my work thus far. The ESM Past Life Regression facilitates the opening up of a deeper awareness regarding the true nature of who we really are.  During and after the sessions, people understand their pure essence, the origin of creation and their mission on Earth. We are truly multi-dimensional, Light beings that transcend time and space. I really hope to share this with as many people as I can. I believe this was opened up for me and those who are coming to me because we are entering into a new dimension with expanded consciousness. I am sincerely honored to serve in this way, and help to illuminate your infinite God essence!


My intent for coming to Sedona was getting clarity on my life path. I was desperately looking for a change. Little did I know that I will find what I was looking for. It was a short 3 day vacation with few things planned here and there but these “few things” turned out to be major breakthroughs of my life. I had the pleasure of meeting Banya who has been an important part of my life. My first encounter with Banya was getting a past life regression done around 4 years back which turned out to be an eye opener experience for me. That session over Skype led me to explore so many amazing things in life. I had decided that I need to visit this place called Sedona where she lives. I had never heard of Sedona before. Meeting her in person brings back so many sweet memories of meeting a very kind soul who felt like a sister to me. We did hikes together, past life regression and acupuncture treatments. This routine continued each time I visited Sedona. However, this time around (4th time), I was shaken by the past life regression experience which was done before we did a hike together to the most amazing place that I had never gone before. It was an experience I will NEVER forget. I had read of Brian Weiss book “Many Lives, Many Masters” but didn’t know how it will feel to have experienced something like the lady in that book experienced. It almost felt unreal. I was in a deep state of consciousness where my spirit guide shared his wisdom using me as a vessel while I was having an awareness for the most part of what messages were being conveyed. While this was going on, I heard an actual thunderstorm outside which felt so right at that very moment. The spirit guide continued to share his messages and once he was done, I came back to a level of consciousness where it felt so positive of what just happened. It instilled within me this unexplainable trust in God and all that is true and pure. I left that day fearless. I felt that I can go to the woods in pitch black without any fear. Back home, I was contemplating and absorbing what I had just gone through. I still get goosebumps but my heart believes in miracles. I have this confidence and trust within myself now that is helping me in going through life’s hurdles. I have this faith that I’m not alone. This experience has been a powerful life-changing experience for me. It’s opening doors within me on many different levels and having received the valuable messages from my guide have helped me understand why certain challenges were surfacing.
Thank you, Banya from the bottom of my heart for being there with me and sharing this experience together. I felt soooo content and at ease as I knew you are always there whenever I needed that support and help with getting this understanding on life’s challenges. You are like a sister to me:) thank you for shining your light on this planet.
lots of love, Sarah
“Banya is a gift… she genuinely cares, connects, and helps you navigate your life to more favorable places.  Having known her for many years, I can tell you that she has continued to progress on her journey as a healer and teacher with her new offerings being something truly special.”  Matt

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