We are One!

July 20, 2018


Once again, I am reminded of the beauty of our home, the Earth. From this view, I do not see borders, divisions, or separations. We are One! I love you my brothers and sisters of all colors, races, religions and cultures. Now, let’s stop screwing things up and come together as one Earth Family.

Well, it is not about losing uniqueness and cultures. It is about coming together as one and honoring each other’s uniqueness and differences. It is about choosing to be in Love instead of in Fear. You can be able to maintain your uniqueness by honoring others’ uniqueness. If this is a perfect world, then I am dreaming of that perfect world. I really believe that we can do this. This, I believe starts with global consciousness. When you start thinking about the Earth as a whole instead of just your town or your country, the changes can happen. The changes are minute sometimes, but I see and feel the changes already. Even young people are thinking about the environment and how a little thing can affect the whole Earth. People are cleaning the Ocean, planting trees and companies are popping up everywhere with the products that are eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable. Consciousness is changing and expanding. We have a great hope!