The Importance Of Acceptance And It’s Significance In Our Daily Life

June 2, 2018

You have designed your life exactly the way it is.

When you hear this, some of you might think, “Why would I create my life in a way that causes me to suffer or feel unhappy?”  Well, you still designed it the way it is and are going through life the way you planned.

The first thing to do is Accept the way it is.  Often we focus so much on fixing.  We spend all of our lives working on fixing what we think our problems are. Yes, it is important to see what is causing us pain or discomfort, but you have got to stop wasting your time trying to fix it.  This does not mean you should keep doing the things that cause pain in you or for others.

You are stopping the incessant need to get rid of or fix what you consider to be negative patterns.

You are stopping the patterns of judging yourself and chastising yourself.

Once you let go of the need of fixing, you will start doing things differently right away.  By letting go of this need, you are not giving energy to the negative pattern anymore; you are no longer giving fuel to feed it. It will naturally leave you.  So, stop judging yourself for not being right or for being wrong.  It is time to accept who you are, all of who you are.  The journey to peace

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