Emotions: Responses, Gaining Controls, And How It Affects Your Life?

June 2, 2018

I have had the best teacher and role model! Mom was everything that a healer is supposed to be.  I was an apprentice to her since I was seven years old.  I actually didn’t know I was apprenticing at the time -̶ I just thought I was helping her with preparing herbs or assisting while she gave healing and acupuncture to her patients.  Now I know how precious and important those times were.  Often, I would sit with her and talk about how the conditions in her patients had come about.  She would tell me about the connection to which kind of emotions they might have and the spiritual state that created physical imbalances in their bodies.  Hearing about the topics of emotions and spirituality was the most fascinating part of being around my Mom’s healing work.

As I practiced my own healing work, I began to see the correlations between the emotional states and the diseases.  In Oriental Medicine, we learn how each emotion has a relationship with the body’s organs and how the effects of emotion can be manifested as a disorder in the body.   Although we learn this in school, we do not get to deeply ponder or discuss the exact connection between the emotions and ailments in the body.  Also, there is generally only a brief statement about the spiritual link that exists with the physical body.   Only when I started my work did I begin to see and understand clearly how specific negative or heavy emotion can manifest as physical imbalance in the body.

What I came to understand is that the individual’s emotional state reflects the quality of that person’s life.  Therefore, the ultimate goal of everyone’s life should be focused on how to create a healthy state of emotions.  What are healthy emotions?  I believe healthy emotions are rooted in compassion and love.

While all emotions are the manifestation of the physical body, the true state of peace has no emotions.  However, we can learn to manage and harness our emotions to ultimately be not bound by them at all, and to achieve this true state of peace.

As I continued my work, I started to notice that there is another, deeper layer to the emotions:  We are reacting or feeling certain ways based on our past or experiences.

Why would 100 people experiencing the same event have different reactions occurring in each one of them?

Because, aside from the past experiences and upbringing that each of us has had in our current life, there are many other factors playing a part in creating our emotions.

As we are timeless beings occupying current bodies for now, we have had multiple lives and have experienced being in different bodies and different lives.  Based on this, we meet specific people and react to various events in our lives.  We have relationships with people coming into our lives and certain emotions occur.

We need to look into these emotional reactions through deep contemplative practices.   Connecting through the 6 Heart Virtues is one such exercise. Through practicing Gratitude, Compassion, Forgiveness, Understanding, Humility and Valor, we can achieve the state of emotional balance.

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