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Banya Lim

I have been a Spiritual Acupuncturist and Energy Teacher for more than 25 years.  I came from a multi generations of  Intuitive Healers and Teachers.   I have learned early on the connection of the body, mind, energy and spirit.  The physical body was the outcome of what we hold in our mind, energy and spirit.  I naturally started sharing this information with people and slowly people looked for me for guidance and support.  I also see that many diseases and emotional imbalances are coming from the habits and patterns that have been formed through distorted beliefs people have about themselves.   My work has evolved into sharing this knowledge of who we truly are.  And, this sharing led to creating health and even accomplishing any dreams people have for themselves  

There is a universal truth, that is, You are what you imagine yourself to be!  I want you to imagine the fullest expression of who you are.  If there are doubts and fear, it is natural, but I can guide you and work with you on this journey   We are here to experience Health, Happiness, Abundance and Full Self Expression of who we are.   If you need support in any of or all of these, I am here for you. 

Let that be:

-Support in Relationship

-Support in Business

-Support in Abundance mind-set

More About Banya Lim

Emotional Self Mastery

Emotional Self Mastery is a powerful and effective 4-step process designed to achieve a sense of freedom in one’s life by clearing negative emotions and preconditioned patterns of behavior. In doing so, we facilitate positive energy flow and create a healthier physical and emotional balance.

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Soul Conversation

When we are able to move past the constraints of our physical egocentric identities and meet our challenges on an ultimate level, we realize there is no separation between ourselves and others.

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

— Rumi, 13th Century Persia

Working With Banya

My purpose is to provide the extraordinary benefits of Emotional Self Mastery to those who are interested in healing and transforming the limiting qualities that exist in all of us. That which keeps us from participating in this lifetime to our fullest potential.

Once we achieve this potential, or when we begin to become “heart coherent”, the illusion of separation from all things starts to fall away, and we can then step into the extraordinary capacity of our own true nature.

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