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Take the journey with me

There is a universal truth;  that is, You are what you imagine yourself to be!  I want you to imagine the fullest expression of who you are right now!  I can guide you and work with you on this journey to reach your goals.   We are here to experience Health, Happiness, Abundance and Full Self Expression of who we are.   If you need support in any or all of these, I am here for you. I am here to support you in realizing your dreams on a physical, emotional and soul level.  There are ways to reach your dreams through transforming anything that is in your life, especially life’s greatest challenges. Everything around us is a true gift, and a stepping stone to launch you where you want to go.

Intuitively guiding you to go to where your soul wants to

1:1 Coaching

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In the work with me, you will Be: 

-Called to create a clear vision of what you want to align with for the next 3-12 months.

-Held in a safe space to learn emotional and energetic mastery. 

-Guided to use your body’s wisdom to understand the blocks and challenges that surface.

-Taught to transform life’s greatest challenges into opportunities.

-Supported to access your inner wisdom with true authenticity for greater fulfillment and success.


The work with you has changed my life, Banya! We got to go to the core layers of who I really am, and you helped me see the bigger parts of me. I discovered and experienced and am still experiencing profound strength and power of who I am!—Lisa G(Marketing)

While handling many things in my life, I felt overwhelmed and full of doubts in my relationship and in my business.  The coaching work with Banya helped me realize that all of my doubts/fears/blocks were jewels. I feel confident about my business and what I am creating in the world. I have a sense of ease in my life that I haven’t experienced before–Jeanette B(Entrepreneur

I had a very specific goal in working with Banya, which was to  create a certain revenue in my business.  I didn’t realize how everything was connected to what I desire in my life.  I came away with, not only reaching my revenue goal, but also new found confidence, wisdom and freedom–Ken M(Business Owner)

Before the coaching work with Banya, my anxiety consumed my life, which prevented me from doing my work and often, I couldn’t leave my house.  The energy and guidance that I experienced with Banya was both deeply healing and empowering. Now, I am doing my life’s mission. I am forever grateful!-Nam K(Scientist)

One of my life’s greatest blessings is getting the opportunity to be coached by Banya Lim. She’s the only person I’ve ever met who has the intuitive gifts and practical know how to cut directly through my psychology, and give me that precise tools that I need to be my best self. I’ve worked with Banya on and off for going on a decade now. But recently I completed her 3 month intensive program where she worked closely with me to raise my awareness and consciousness to the next stage of my personal evolution. I’m so glad I did this. My whole perspective has shifted. So much so that I’m a much better father, husband and leader of my company. It was a radical transformation for just 3 months. I’d say I’m resonating with far more love in my being than I was previously. If you’re ready for massive positive transformation, Banya is the way to go. Never met another soul like her. Someone who’s both fully grounded and fully awakened at the same time. A true guide for those who are ready.–Kevin B(CEO and Coach)

Emotional Self Mastery

Emotional Self Mastery is a powerful and effective 4-step process designed to achieve a sense of freedom in one’s life by clearing negative emotions and preconditioned patterns of behavior. In doing so, we facilitate positive energy flow and create a healthier physical and emotional balance.

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Soul Conversation

When we are able to move past the constraints of our physical egocentric identities and meet our challenges on an ultimate level, we realize there is no separation between ourselves and others.

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“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.”

— Rumi, 13th Century Persia

Working With Me

My purpose is to provide the extraordinary benefits of Emotional Self Mastery to those who are interested in healing and transforming the limiting qualities that exist in all of us. That which keeps us from participating in this lifetime to our fullest potential.

Once we achieve this potential, or when we begin to become “heart coherent”, the illusion of separation from all things starts to fall away, and we can then step into the extraordinary capacity of our own true nature.

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